Cabo Fireplace- Bio Ethanol

A new level of automatic ethanol fire. With the electronics sealed in a watertight compartment, Cabo can be used in outdoor spaces as it is fully resistant to rain and humidity. The Cabo would be a great addition to any outdoor entertaining area.

The automatic burner with the patented BEV Technology® is the most advanced product in the industry ensuring the cleanest burning process without any smoke, smell or ash. The flame is produced by combusting ethanol vapors and has no direct contact with the liquid fuel.

The box is made of the highly-renowned Dekton surface by Cosentino – a 12mm thick ultra-compact material made from sintered ceramics, quartz and glass. Its high-performance offers scratch and stain resistance and is known to withstand high temperatures. It has an elegant look, making it an eye-catching decoration in any space.




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