FLA 3 Fire Line Automatic

Fire Line Automatic 3 (FLA 3) is an intelligent and luxurious long ethanol fireplace. This unique design allows you to create an endless line of fire by connecting multiple units that can be controlled with any smart device via a WiFi network. If this isn’t enough FLA3 can also be connected to any Smart Home System offering you the highest level of comfort and safety. 

The FLA3 is available in 6 standard lengths – 790 mm, 990 mm, 1190 mm, 1490 mm, 1990 mm and 2490 mm (see dimensions and technical data below)

Click here for FLA3_790 dimensions 

Click here for FLA3_990_dimensions

Click here for FLA3_1190_dimensions

Click here for FLA3_1490_dimensions

Click here for FLA3_1990_dimensions

Click here for FLA3_2490_dimensions




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