Danta Range

Wanders Fires & Stoves new range of Danta gas fires is suitable for practical any interior and offers numerous possibilities. The Danta fires are available in four sizes (50, 80 110 and 140 cm width). Each size is then available as a 1-sided FRONT model, 2-sided glass CORNER model, a 3-sided glass or even 4 & 5-sided glass models that allow visibility from different rooms. 

But there is more that makes the Danta special. For example you can choose from three burner decorations: ceramic logs, white stones, and white pebbles. The Danta is equipped with a double burner. This way you can create a lot of extra heat when purely used as a heat source. Otherwise you can enjoy the atmospheric view on the shimmering flames. This highly appeals to an environmental friendly customer, and who isn†™t nowadays? The rear panel can be made from either black glass or steel. Danta is available as a natural gas or propane model. The possibilities are enormous and the customers increasingly opt for the convenience of a multifunctional gas fire. With Danta both retailer and customer have a hit!

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