Bio-Ethanol Fuel


Fanola is a biologically clean, ecological fuel based on alcohol which has undergone double rectification process. Ethanol is of plant origin, obtained through fermentation of saccharine from seasonal produce.

The burning process of Fanola is described as “clean”, as the only by-products of the burning are: heat, CO2 and water vapour.

After the whole series of tests, Fanola has been awarded the Eco Fuel certificate proving the highest quality standards in terms of safety for humans and environment. That allowed the bio fireplaces to gain trust and popularity among clients.

Bio-ethanol Fanola being a non-consumption product has undergone the process of denaturation. The product must be used according to the specifications and instructions given on the label as well as the user’s manual. Denatured ethanol consists of organic substances, making a neutral impact on the environment.

4 x 5 Litre Bottles of Fanola bio ethanol fuel.

Recommended for use with Planika FLA3, Scandi and Pure Flame Bio-ethanol Fires.

5 litre canisters ensure ease of refueling for Planika linear fires.

For all other Planika Bio-ethanol Fires including Prime Fire we recommend purchasing Fanola 12 x 1 Litre Bottles

1 Litre bottles can be used for FLA3 and other Planika linear fires, however refueling times will be longer.

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