Concept 900 DF Green

Concept 900DF Green

With the new Concept green range Bodart & Gonay wood-burning double-sided fires are completely restyled joining the ever increasing range of green appliances characterised by low carbon monoxide (CO) and low particulate emissions as well as perfect sealing and outside air inlet making them fully compatible with environmentally-benign and low emission homes. The 760 and 900 DF models have no screen on the window and minimal metal to provide a particularly wide-angle and unobstructed view of the fire.

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  • Wood-burning double fronted / tunnel fire
  • External air intake
  • Automatic thermostat to regulate primary air intake
  • Optional ventilation fan kit 230m3/hr – provides ideal heat distribution
  • Heat output: Min 9 – Max 15kw (with ventilation kit)
  • Efficiency 80.1%
  • Interior option: Skamolex or Cast iron kit
  • Hot air outlets to enable you to direct heat to other areas of your house / interior
  • Available as 3 or 4 sided frame
  • Log retainer
  • Flue diameter: 200mm
  • Window size: 833 x 435 mm
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