CYLINDER Black Modern XL Bioethanol Stove

This gorgeous bioethanol stove is an innovative alternative to log burners or electric wood-burning effect stoves with real smokeless flames and optional decorative flue pipe. No chimney, flue, venting or cleaning required.

Available in black graphite satin or glossy white finish, this bioethanol stove can be positioned anywhere in your room against a flat wall as a freestanding unit and can be used with or without the pipe.

To create an authentic feel, the fireplace has decorative log storage below and a faux pipe (sold separately).


  • Dimensions (body): H 1150mm; W (diameter ⌀) 450mm
  • Dimensions (total with an optional pipe): H 1817mm
  • High grade adjustable stainless-steel bioethanol fuel burner
  • Burner capacity: 1.3 L
  • Burning time: 3-6 hrs (depending on the size of the aperture); flame height adjustable
  • Heat output guidance: 2-3 kW (This is more than electric fires and comparable to most flueless gas fires.)
  • Fuel suitable: Bioethanol Fuel (maximum ethanol content: 96%). NOTE: Gel fuel is NOT suitable.


  • High grade steel body in black graphite satin finish
  • Burner holder
  • Double-layer stainless steel Container Small (1.3 L) burner
  • Engraved sliding lid with Fragrance Diffusers
  • Control / extinguishing tool
  • Funnel
  • User Instructions

Not included:

  • Real large logs underneath stove (as shown in pictures)
  • There is no glass door
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