Dimplex OptiV PGF10

The PGF-10 is a fully built-in electric wall fire with the Opti-V flame effect. Using a unique and patent protected1 combination of real fire footage displayed on a High Definition LCD screen and a clever illusory technique, the Opti-V renders scenes of flickering flames dancing on a vertical fuel bed with an almost three dimensional depth of field.

  •  Dimensions:  736mm (w) x 445mm (h) x 320mm (d)
  • LCD television screen: High Definition 1920 x 1080 pixels full colour 22″ display rated at 22W
  • Fuel bed and lighting: Extremely low energy LEDs with consumption of 9W/hr
  • Total electricity consumption – 35W/hr. Standby – 1W/hr
  • Remote control with sound effect volume control
  • Mains connection: IEC kettle lead
  • Video: 4G SD card with 30 minute looped video
  • All components serviceable through viewing aperture
  • Shown with optional stainless steel effect frame


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