Elm Original

ELm Original

The Elm stove range from Wanders fires & stoves which can be installed one on three ways as a freestanding stove. Directly onto a heat resistant base hearth or alternatively onto a specifically developed storage base.  The Elm is made of very solid 8mm thick steel.  The air for combustion can be taken either under or behind the stove and the flue gases are discharged through the back or top of the stove. It has a handle less door that closes automatically

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  • Available in three different display options
  • Freestanding contemporar stove
  • Flue outlet from the top or back of the unit
  • Size: 464mm x 464mm x 1076mm
  • 77.7% efficient
  • Highly insulated interior
  • Heat output: 5-7kW
  • Flue diameter: 150mm
  • Handle less door



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