Infire 743/744

Infire 744/743

The Infire 744/743 classis is the leading fitted, supplemental heat fireplace.  It can use multiple fuels, fits easily into an existing or new chimney and provides excellent heat distribution throughout the room. Like the other products in the range it has adjustable baffles to set the chimney draw.

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  • Multi-fuel & wood-burning built in fire
  • Automatic thermostat that regulates the primary air intake
  • Heat output: Min 7 – Max 12kW
  • Interior option: Refractory bricks or heat resistant cast iron kit
  • Adjustable baffles which guarantees maximum yield & high power
  • Hardwearing stainless steel gaskets
  • Built in fans 115m3/hour protected by dust filters which can be easily removed & cleaned
  • Available as 3 or 4 sided frame
  • Log retainer
  • Flue diameter: 180mm
  • Window size: 601 x 366 mm
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