Lamartine Fires & Fireplaces is delighted to partner with an established manufacturer of open convector fires that is Flamewave Fires. Flamewave fires have been making Tortoise Open Fireboxes and the clean line range of open fires in Kent, England for more than 25 years. The assortment of inset open fires and freestanding open fires will increase the efficiency of any existing open fireplace many times over. With these multi-fuel burners being available in such a wide choice of sizes and styles there’s bound to be one in the range to suit brand-new locations as well. They are able to offer a unique bespoke open fire service and virtually any size of fire can be made to measure to suit your exact requirements.  So why would you use a Flamewave convector fire against a standard open fire.

All fireboxes are supplied complete and ready to burn as dedicated wood burners and with the addition of the optional grate they become true multi-fuel open fires. They even have the ability to be converted into an open gas fire and that means you can take total control over the choice of fuel that best suits your lifestyle and location.

They incorporate a clever convection system to really boost the heat output to your room and the evolved design ensures that all the smoke goes up the chimney and not into your room. Most existing chimneys are suitable and installing one of our fireboxes is usually a cost effective straightforward procedure.

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