Flamewave Stove & Fire Accessories

Flamewave Stove & Fire Accessories


Available for all built-in Firebox models. This substantial gatherhood sits on top of the inset box and is commonly used in new build situations or where a positive connection to a flue liner is required. We are able to produce special angled or staggered gatherhoods to order. Please call to discuss. Gatherhoods are not required for use with freestanding models.

Multi-fuel Grid

Available for all built-in and freestanding Firebox models (excluding models 5, 6 & 7, which are dedicated log burners) this heavy cast iron grid is supplied with a pair of side firebricks and needs to be fitted when burning coal (solid fuel) or a mix of logs and coal. Wood burns best on a solid base whereas solid fuel requires combustion air to pass up through the fuel as it burns, hence the need for this grid. Multi-fuel grids are included as part of the package price.

Spark guards

Available for all built-in and freestanding Firebox models. This sturdy spark guard comprises a fine mesh welded to a steel bar frame. It locks firmly in place and fully covers the open area of the fire to ensure that flying embers do not escape while leaving the convection slots uncovered to allow the free circulation of warmed air to the room. The feet at the base of the guard allow it to free stand when it is away from the fire. A spark guard should always be in place if a burning fire is left unattended. Please consider using a full fireguard to protect children, the elderly and infirm. Spark guards are included as part of the package price.

Decorative Box Frames

Decorative box frames for all Cleanline models are available in heavy gauge brushed stainless steel, 3 or 4 sided and are approx. 30mm deep.

Frames are also available for all built-in traditional fire models in a choice of satin or polished stainless steel and polished brass. Frames cover the flange of the box are held in place with magnets and can be fitted retrospectively  4 sided frames and special size frames can be made to order. Please call to discuss.

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