Compressed Eco Logs

Lamartine Fires & Fireplaces recommend wood fuel as a clean, low carbon and sustainable source of heat. We believe that wood plays an important role in the future of sustainable energy and the move away from fossil fuels. We supply and wholesale eco birch briquettes, made of 100% wood shavings and sawdust with very low moisture and high heat output. These compressed eco logs are perfect eco-friendly wood fuel alternatives to firewood. They are made of only wood sawdust and shavings, with no artificial additives, no chemicals and no glues used in the production. It’s only the natural lignin inside the wood cells which is melt under extreme heat and pressure that plays the role of natural binder in the process of compressing the wood particles into eco heat logs.

  • Birch briquettes in 10kg plastic bags 
  • 5 compress logs per bag
  • Heating value  4140 Kcal/kg – 17,3MJ – 4,8KWt*h/kg
  • General moisture content  10 – 12 %
  • Ash content 0,5%
  • Total sulfur 0,01%
  • Density 1000-1200kg/m3


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